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I deleted my Facebook account

For me it was not an impulsive decision. I hadn’t logged on to Facebook since we discovered that you couldn’t log out, starting with this post on September 24. But I had never been a big Facebook user. I think this is partially because I’m an early adopter and Facebook was developed for college-age people, and I’m not part of that group.  #

Twitter is a different story. I was a very early adopter, and it’s part of my online flow. But I would like to quit Twitter. But doing it requires a lot more unraveling than with Facebook.  #

Why Facebook Is Losing U.S. Users | News & Opinion

It’s probably inevitable: Somehow, someday, Facebook will start to decline, just like its predecessors MySpace and Friendster. Its users will slowly lose interest, moving on to other networks and platforms (possibly Twitter, or whatever emerges from Apple’s iCloud). It seems impossible given Facebook’s colossal user base and rapid growth, but it would be far from the first complacent empire that fell.

The problem with the theory is that it completely ignores another, more important statistic: user engagement. According to Alexa, people visiting Facebook are actually visiting 40 percent more pages per visit than they were just three months ago. That’s not the picture of a disinterested populace ready to pack its bags for the 140-character wilds of Twitter.

Facebook Is Losing Users In The Countries Where It Took Off First

Something strange is going on: Facebook is losing customers.

Lots of customers. According to Inside Facebook’s data service, Facebook lost 6 million users in the U.S. last month, dropping from 155.2 million to 149.4 million. That’s the first time U.S. numbers have dropped in more than a year.

It also lost 1.52 million users in Canada, dropping to 16.6 million — that’s an 8% drop –  and 100,000 each in the U.K., Norway, and Russia.

La historia del RSS resumida en un párrafo

Mi opinión es esta, y voy a intentar decirla sin sobresaltarme demasiado: La falta de adopción del software de lectura RSS por parte de los consumidores y negocios es de los sucesos en la reciente historia tecnológica que peor habla del estado de la humanidad. Que un repositorio personalizado y centralizado de actualizaciones hechas via canales dinámicos de información ofrecidos por fuentes gratuitas y confiables de publicación democrática en todo el mundo haya sido ignorado tecnológicamente y reemplazado en la atención popular por jueguitos que pudren la mente hechos en Flash en Facebook es tan deprimente como la manera en la que los sueños de la educación pública se quebraron cuando la promesa de la televisión se volvió su realidad. [...] Es terrible. Es razón para empacar todo e irse a casa.